Wood cutting 01

Timber is one of the few raw resources harvested from resource nodes all over agon.


Timber can be gathered from one of the many trees in Agon. Cutting down trees requires a woodcutting axe, stamina, and a woodcutting node (tree) which has not had it's resources depleted.  All resource nodes have a finite amount of the respective resource which can be gathered at one time.  When it is depleted, more may be harvested at a later time.  Other resources which are randomly gathered from include essences such as Neithal Essence, and resin.  Essences can only be harvested outside of safe zones.


Timber can be crafted into Wood, which is used to craft a wide variety of weapons, armor, and structures.  Wood is a required ingredient for crafting bows, arrows, weapons, ships, and house items among other things.  Crafting timber into wood requires a crafting table and 5 timber.  2 wood are produced from this process.