The SkirmisherEdit

The two schools of the Skirmisher role are the Deadeye and the Brawler. 


The Deadeye is extremely skilled with the bow, and can utilize it to damage single targets or even small groups. His skills are the following:

  • Puncture: A magically imbued arrow attack that can travel through enemies, and damaging everyone in its’ path.
  • Exploit Weakness: A debuffing attack that greatly reduces a target’s arrow protection.
  • Explosive Arrow: An explosive arrow attack that will damage everyone around the area of impact.
  • Trueshot: A very powerful arrow shot, that offers extreme speed, accuracy and damage. An arrow shot with Trueshot will travel in a completely straight line, with no arc.
  • Salvo (Ultimate): A devastating barrage of arrows fall from the sky towards the Salvo’s point of impact. Everyone affected by Salvo’s deadly rain will suffer serious damage and will be unable to sprint for a short duration.


The Brawlers’ competitive advantage is his maneuverability and endurance. They quickly move in and out of combat, dodge attacks and take advantage of their surroundings better than any other role can. The Brawler skills are the following:

  • Efficiency: This skill reduces stamina consumption of other skills. Since this school is heavily dependent on Stamina, the Efficiency skill is crucial so that the Brawler can keep going.
  • Dash: This gives a bonus to the sprint speed and allows the Brawler to escape in a rush, or move in for the kill.
  • Leap: Leap is a double-jump skill so that the Brawler can reach areas or jump over obstacles or area-of-effect attacks. Leap can be used in conjunction with Dash to cover even larger distances.
  • Evade: allows the Brawler to leap and roll in the direction he’s moving in either to dodge incoming attacks, to put distance between himself and their opponents, or close the distance to their target.
  • Heightened Reflexes: is the Ultimate skill of the School. When active, the Brawler gains a sprint speed bonus as well as an attack speed bonus to both ranged and melee attacks.